Current Speakers

Peter and Jane Martell

Silver Creek Creations

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Erin Muscutt

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Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners from the Omemee Garden club

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Gladys Fowler

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Kellie Sherman

Ontario Invasive Plant Council

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Cathy Hooper

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Cathy Dueck

Cathy is a lifelong naturalist who has been gardening since she was 19. A graduate of Trent University in Environmental Science, Cathy’s passion is teaching about land stewardship in its many forms. Founder of Peterborough’s Ecology Park which she directed for more than 20 years, Cathy is now working for Peterborough’s Parks and Forestry Division. Over the years, she has worked as a schoolyard consultant for Evergreen, a shoreline consultant for the Friends of the Trent-Severn Waterway, a guest speaker for horticultural societies, universities and colleges, and developed a range of programs for the public including environmental education for children and community-based urban forestry.

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Gary and Dianne Westlake

Dianne and Gary are no strangers to the Horticulture Field. They have travelled Southern Ontario sharing their informative and entertaining gardening presentations for many years. They have a long list of topics that they share and always welcome suggestions, usually resulting in a new presentation. If you attend one of their talks, be prepared to laugh and learn new skills in an enjoyable fashion. After retirement Gary met and married Dianne, who had been a teacher in Havelock, and they moved to Peterborough. The two of them look after an acre of property on a hill overlooking the city. They decided to join the Master Gardeners several years ago on Dianne’s suggestion (Gary says Dianne is the brains of the operation). Master Gardeners, are volunteers, who help others gardeners and in doing so the Master Gardeners improve their own skills and knowledge. They have filled this roll for over 10 year. Dianne is currently the Director for District 4. She is also the editor of the District 4 newsletter: News4You. Gary is her faithful assistant and Driver See

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