Awards for Shows

These awards are presented for achievement in Horticulture determined by points achieved at the various shows and competitions each year. They are presented at our September meeting.

Moyer Memorial Trophy  (1967)

Most points overall in the year.  Revised Oct 2011 from the original wording: Most points in the August Show.

This replaced the Eaton Trophy (each an individual engraved bowl or vase to be kept by the winner 1939-1966)

Lulu Sanderson Award: (1987)

Most points in the Spring Show. Revised Oct 2011 from the original wording “in May & June Shows”

Sadler Award (1987)

Best Vegetable in August Show

Bill Weir Award (1988)

Most points for Vegetables in the August Show. Revised Oct 2011 to read: “Most points for Edibles overall in the year”

Huber Burke Memorial Award (1990)

Most points in Roses in the Spring and August show June and August Shows (in memory of Huber G Burke) Revised Oct 2011 from original wording: “in the June and August shows”.

Mabel Hill Award (2005)

Best Design in the August Show

Dora Atwell Award (2005)

Best Specimen in the August Show (replaced the prize award presented by Dora throughout the 1990s)

Male Gardener of the Year (2005)

Most points, by a male gardener overall in year.  Revised Oct 2011 from the wording “in all shows”.  Retired in 2018

Annual Photography Award (2008)

Most points accumulated at all shows from Oct to Sept. It consists of a wooden plague with a place for an inserted 4×6 photograph to be provided by the winner prior to the presentation. The photograph will be changed with each winner.

Robert Burke Award (2017)

Most points for Marigolds in the August Show.

Alice Burke Award (2019)

Best Lily in the August Show.

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