Aging With Our Gardens Gracefully- Will My Garden Ever Be Finished?

The outside forecast may have been for frost -but inside, Trinity Church meeting hall was toasty warm and filled with laughter as members and visitors shared their summer experiences while
sampling the tasty snacks.
President Heather, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone back to the fall season of gardening. A special welcome was given to our guests and new members. Following the announcements the membership approved payment of the new artisan-made obelisk for the LCBO bed and a digital projector for use at our meetings.
Heather & Diane Webber then presented the trophies for the winners of the garden related competitions for 2013.

Dianne and Gary Westlake then presented a humourous but informative talk on “Aging with our Gardens…Will They Ever be Finished”. We realize that our gardens are continually changing -even
more so as we make them easier to care for, as we ourselves age.

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