On Monday October 21st, the outside weather was dull and wet but the lower hall of Christ Church Anglican was filled to overflowing with 53 members and guests having a wonderful time. If you stood still and shut your eyes, you would have heard laughter, people chatting, and lots more laughter! Above it all you would have caught the aromas of a wide variety of wonderful food. It was indeed a night filled with laughter, sharing and food. President Heather sent each table group up for food, one at a time, and true to her promise, she sent the last tables up to choose their dessert first – while they waited their turn to get their main course. How much better could you get?

Following dinner, our special awards were presented. We were proud to recognize two of our long time members for their help, support, and just for always being there when needed. They are pillars of our society and so very, very deserving of these awards. The OHA 100th Anniversary Award went to Norma Evans and the Zufelt Award was presented to Ruth Arndt. Thank you ladies for all that you have done for our society, our community and toward promoting a love of gardening.

Heather also presented President Awards to Carol Mitchell for her work on the newsletters and to Gaynor McMullen for her planning of our Prize Winning Santa Claus parade floats.

Each of our Life Members was recognized with a carnation. Our most senior life members in attendance, were Alice Burke (with her husband Robert) and Ruth Bailey. A special welcome was given to 2 junior gardeners, in attendance – Liam Routledge and Amber Gunn.
Heather also presented OHA pins, designating each job description, to Secretary Barb Morrison, Treasurer Darlene Hunter, Past President Carol Mitchell and to our 3 Horticultural Judges – Christa Marton, Norma Evans, and Ruth Arndt.

We then sat back, relaxed and participated in a pictorial garden tour of the “Northumberland Gardens 2012” (put together by Diane Webber, and music by Aron Muscutt.) The presentation was a lovely reminder of a wonderful summer drawing to a close! A special thank you to the organizing committee and to all that helped with set up, clean up and program.

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