August Flower Show, Slide Show of Our Many Activities

The Curling Club was filled with childrens’ laughter, and the sweet scent of the many flowers on display as we gathered for our 72nd Annual Show and to also celebrate the 65th anniversary of our Omemee Youth Group!

At 7:30, Heather and Linda presented the awards and prize money to the many excited youth members, as parents and grandparents watched with pride. Following this, Aron Muscutt presented an emotional slide show of photos taken during the construction of the new Memorial Legion Garden and photos of the two fallen soldiers to which the garden is being dedicated to in September. He then followed up with photos (ranging from very humorous to very beautiful) depicting our past year’s activities. These presentations were beautiful and very much enjoyed. A huge thank you to Aron for the many, many, MANY hours of work that went into the creation of these photo presentations. And so ended another successful evening.

Youth Show:

Out of 25 children  that registered 17 entered in 35 categories. 5 trophies were presented plus $147.50 was given out in prize money. The children really met the challenges of representing something for “65” years. There was everything from posters to a popup birthday cake. The novelties were outstanding. Try to imagine the three stooges made out of vegetables, a lady bug out of a red pepper, or a three eyed alien out of a over grown turnip! Such imagination! After the awards they all enjoyed lots of refreshments. Thanks to Ruth Arndt for judging.  Submitted by Linda Jenkins



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