Village Gardens

The Location and History of the Horticultural Village Gardens

The Omemee Horticultural Society Volunteers plant and care for eleven major gardens and 30 main street planters. This provides winter, spring, summer and fall colour throughout the village. Like many groups, we don’t have enough volunteers to keep up with the work. So, beginning in the year 2005, we have attempted to continue to keep the village gardens looking beautiful but with less maintenance and watering. We have been rejuvenating and replanting them one or two a year.

Follow the links below to view their history, including the original construction of each and the years that they were upgraded.


1). The Gardens and Front Planters surrounding the Coronation Hall, which houses the hall, Service Centre and Library 

These gardens were  our beautification project from 2004  to 2010.   The planning began in 2004 and the final benches and garbage containers were added in 2010. It was an ongoing project, completed in stages.

2). The Garden at the Legion

Prior to 2011, there was a small perennial bed situated directly behind the Legion building.  It became our main beautification project In 2011.  The former garden was removed and the new Memorial Garden was constructed and planted.

3). The Xeriscape (or low water) Garden in the LCBO parking lot

This bed was originally a garden of shrubs, perennials and annuals but growing conditions and the lack of an easy access for watering necessitated  a complete overhaul of this garden in the year 2004-2005.

4). The Marina Bed

This bed is located in the centre of the parking lot by the Omemee Boat Docking area. It is at water level, below the bridge, just past the point where the Pigeon River flows under the north side of the Highway 7 bridge.

5). The Garden in front of Bill’s Pizza

This is another garden that grows in hot dry conditions and is totally buried with huge piles of salty parking lot snow all winter.  It is small – surrounded on 4 sides by four concrete parking bumpers.

6). The Curling Club

This is a fairly large above-ground planter which has been built to surround the Club sign.  For many years it was planted and maintained by the Junior Garden Group because it’s location away from the main street made it less of a safety concern with impulsive youngsters. Over the years, the average age of the children joining got younger, and eventually it was taken over by the adult members.

7). The Planters around the Town Clock & the Electronic Sign

These two beds are done in conjunction with Trinity Church. We planted them and they are to water and maintain them.  We still do the pruning of the shrubs and some weeding when necessary. They are relatively easy beds to care for. The clock bed was planted in June 2008 and the Sign bed was planted in 2011.

8).  The Park & Beach Bed

This bed came about in 1981. It was planted by the Horticultural members, under the direction of member, Carrie McQuade. A plaque on a large field stone, commemorated it to the three Omemee Schools that were at one time located on that site prior to the school fire of 1964. In 2013, the garden club, cleaned the moss off the stone, and then had it lifted by machine, and re-positioned at ground level again, slightly closer to the edge of the garden so that it can now be more easily read. This garden surrounding this stone is next in line to be rejuvenated at a future time.

9). The Firehall Bed/Planter

This was our garden group’s 2013 beautification project. The original wooden retaining walls had rotted away and were in danger of collapsing. With the help of a Beautification Grant from the City of Kawartha Lakes, and under the direction of Garden Chairs Joanne Windrem and Aron Muscutt, we had the old wooden wall removed and replaced with beautiful armour stone. New soil, new better suited plants, a little mulch and the bed was like new! The placing of the fireman’s boots and a decorative cement plaque with the fireman’s crest put the finishing touches on this beautiful bed.

10 & 11). Planters Under the Village Entrance Signs

These new beds became our Beautification Project for 2012. With the help of a Communities in Bloom Beautification Grant from the City of Kawartha Lakes and funds from our Plant Sale, the two beds became a reality. This project was planned by Garden Chair Joanne Windrem and planted under the direction of Chair Aron Muscutt. After a retaining wall of beautiful armour stone was carefully fitted around the base of each of our beautiful Entrance signs, our gardening group took over. The base was filled with Triple Mix, new plants specially chosen for their ability to survive the harsh growing conditions along a highway, and adequate mulch to help retain water since after the first year, they would never be manually watered again. These beds stand at the entrance of the village, as a reminder of the many volunteer hours provided by our gardening “Green Team” each season.

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