Curling Club

This is a fairly large above-ground planter which has been built to surround the Club sign.  For many years it was planted and maintained by the Junior Garden Group because it’s location away from the main street made it less of a safety concern with impulsive youngsters. Over the years, the average age of the children joining got younger, and eventually it was taken over by the adult members.  Two new coniferous trees were added in 2004.  In 2009 -10 it underwent it’s overhaul.  All the invasive perennials were removed, new top soil added and only a few basic perennials were left to accompany the shrubs (which we replaced in about 2004).  To give colour in the early spring and fall, when the curlers are there, we added a lot of early small bulbs and pansies. For the fall, we add  mums and Kale.  Summer colour for the many rental events, is achieved with daylilies, geraniums and  long blooming annuals. In 2009, the Curling Club installed an outside tap for our use.  We now get the use of  the inside hall for our plant sale in exchange for maintaining the garden.

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