Marina Bed

This bed is located in the centre of the parking lot by the Omemee Boat Docking area. It is at water level, below the bridge, just past the point where the Pigeon River flows under the north side of the Highway 7 bridge. It is raised with wooden 6”x6” ties to protect it from the traffic parking in this area. It is wet in the spring and dry in the mid summer.  It was originally only one layer high. The wooden edge became damaged by cars and trailers and the bed was in need of some help.  In 2005 we added a second tier to give more height and depth for planting. It is planted with two small trees and an assortment of perennials. This bed was again overhauled in the year 2010. The short term, high maintenance perennials were removed and replaced with perennials needing less care. Geraniums are now added for annual colour.

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