Planters Under the Village Entrance Signs

These new beds became our Beautification Project for 2012. With the help of a Communities in Bloom Beautification Grant from the City of Kawartha Lakes and funds from our Plant Sale, the two beds became a reality. This project was planned by Garden Chair Joanne Windrem and planted under the direction of Chair Aron Muscutt. After a retaining wall of beautiful armour stone was carefully fitted around the base of each of our beautiful Entrance signs, our gardening group took over. The base was filled with Triple Mix, new plants specially chosen for their ability to survive the harsh growing conditions along a highway, and adequate mulch to help retain water since after the first year, they would never be manually watered again. These beds stand at the entrance of the village, as a reminder of the many volunteer hours provided by our gardening “Green Team” each season.

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