Xeriscape Garden

This bed was originally a garden of shrubs, perennials and annuals but growing conditions and the lack of an easy access for watering necessitated  a complete overhaul of this garden in the year 2004-2005.

The plants and shrubs and soil were removed in 2004 and replaced with a sand soil mixture. This was then mulched with pea gravel.  In consultation  with Anna Mitzyn from Anna’s Perennials,  plants suitable for both low water and low maintenance were chosen for this bed. There was a lot of discussion amoung the village residents as this new an unusual bed took form.  The youth found that the pea gravel was fun to ride their bikes through until we added several strategically place large rocks. The next problem was keeping the gravel in the bed and not overflowing into the parking lot.  There were some challenges!  After the first year, which got the plants established, this bed has never been watered again.   After some experimentation, we found which plants best survive in the cold, windy winter, and hot dry summer, while being in a parking lot totally surrounded by asphalt.  These plants don’t have an easy life!  The garden is located on the south side of Highway 7  in front of Macs and the LCBO. Many of the plants are labeled for general information.

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