Omemee Santa Claus Parade

The end of November brought preparation for the Omemee Santa Claus Parade. Several members got together at the Burritt’s house to create another ‘flower tree’. We expanded part of last year’s theme to create a forest of trees, a horse drawn wagon and of course Santa. The following Friday, eleven people had the fun of putting it all together in Ken and Darlene’s heated garage. Thanks to all who contributed flowers, trimmings, dolls, the wagon and to Sue for painting the beautiful horse. Darlene provided delicious goodies while Ken solved any construction problems. Parade day was beautiful. We enjoyed the walk, giving out sweets, and “HOE, HOE HOEING” our way along. Thanks to all who took my ideas without complaint, and made them a reality. Your work once again resulted in a FIRST PRIZE!! (in the non profit organization group)  CONGRATULATIONS!!

Committee Chair: Pat Burritt

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