Jill Cockerell

Jill is a chartered herbalist and grows over 100 herb species, both culinary and medicinal. Jill makes many herbal products, including all natural creams and lotions, herbal teas and tinctures, handmade soaps, bath salts and massage oils, insect repellant and no salt/msg seasonings as well as preserves and pickles. When she tells people she is a Herbalist, they often look at her like she’s sprouted horns. It is a noble craft, full of history and tradition, full of life and green growing things that restore health and vitality. Through the ages, herbalistists have been village healers, spiritual guides and teachers, admired, respected and sometimes persecuted and feared. Jill looks to the plant world to maintain and restore health, who loves her gardens and treasures the peaceful hours she spends in them.

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