Peter Keeping

Peter Keeping along with Sheila his wife run Peter and Sheila’s Country Garden in Bowmanville, Ontario. Peter is a clematis enthusiast and member of the International Clematis Society. He travels to the UK annually to search out and bring back the newest and best clematis available.
Peter first got interested in Clematis in 1982, after being given two as a birthday present. He was so enthusiastic about them, that he joined the International Clematis Society and the British Clematis Society. The following year, he was made a council member for the Int’l Clematis Soc. and asked to answer questions for Canadians growing Clematis. That year, he went to the U.K. where he met with Raymond Evison and members of the two societies. He then increased his number of Clematis to 150 by 1999. All of these, he moved to his new home which is on ½ acre in Bowmanville, where he now has over 300+. He imports rare Clematis from the EU, plus grows from seed and from cuttings. He also started working with two different tissue culture type Clematis growers in Canada. He now has over 200 Clematis in tissue culture.
Peter and Sheila open up their garden to the public, by appointment, and have had many bus tours and private tours. This will be a wonderful meeting to see and learn all about these beautiful plants!

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