Toni Sinclair

Toni’s original interest in horticulture started when she was a child in the Niagara area, helping her father in the garden. It was in Zone 5, the soil was clay, and the water source was from the farm pond – lots of buckets! As an adult Toni had gardens of her own in sandy loam, Zone 6B and municipal water came from a tap. She was in Heaven! She worked for a few years for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food where she was introduced to the “science” of horticulture and started taking horticultural courses at Niagara College, and joined the Grimsby Horticultural Society where they offered an introductory course in floral design through the Royal Botanical Gardens – She was hooked! She took several more design courses, and then a 3-year horticultural judging course with accreditation through the RBG and Garden Clubs of Ontario. She moved to the Kawartha’s about 10 years ago, and is now on a new learning curve – Buckhorn Lake is her source of water and she gardens between rocks and sand, in Zone 4. It’s a challenging, but she loves it here.

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