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“Dragon Flies and Damsel Flies” and Pot Luck

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“Small Wonders – the Hidden World in Your Garden” and Pot Luck

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“Pollinators, What Every Gardener Should Know” and Pot Luck

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“Heritage Trees – Preserving our Natural Roots” and Pot Luck

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Pot Luck, Summer Successes and Failures

It is packed full of great food, special awards, intermixed with friendship and laughter. It has been a fun filled year with lots of exciting memories! So don’t miss our end of year pot luck.

Details are below and also in the email sent by Donna.

Please remember that we will be meeting at Trinity United Church!

Social:  5:30

Dinner:  6:00

Presentations: followed by a sharing time

Please bring a plate, mug & cutlery. If you can’t be here by 6:00, come when you can. There is always lots of food and as you know, it takes a while to get everyone through the lines. You are welcome anytime.

Following the dinner Master Gardener Joan Harding will lead us in a discussion of our summer’s Successes and Failures. Bring an idea or a “surviving a drought” tip or true story.  We can learn SO MUCH by sharing our experiences!

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Pot Luck, Northumberland County Forest

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A Walk Down the Garden Path and Pot Luck Supper

This is our Fall Pot Luck. Those who have attended in the past know that this is a “rollicking evening”. Not only will there be great food, good company and lots of laughs BUT this year we have the Past President of the Ontario Horticultural Society as our guest speaker. James Graham is a vibrant and humorous speaker, so it promises to be an entertaining evening! Don’t miss it. Significant others, youth, guests and new members are all welcome at no charge.

Please bring a plate, cutlery, and mug, as well as a generous serving of your special food contribution. We have an extra full after dinner program so Social will be at 5:30 and we will start the buffet at 6:00. This is 15 minutes earlier than last year but we want to leave room for the awards and speaker without running too late! The program will begin at 7:00. (or as soon as we are finished eating)

For this event we meet at Christ Church Anglican on the south side of Hwy 7 just east of the bridge leading into the village.


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On Monday October 21st, the outside weather was dull and wet but the lower hall of Christ Church Anglican was filled to overflowing with 53 members and guests having a wonderful time. If you stood still and shut your eyes, you would have heard laughter, people chatting, …

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Pot Luck Supper

Join us for this popular night of dining, laugher and awards. Following dinner, our most prestigious awards will be presented. This will be followed by a humorous slide presentation of photos taken at society meetings and outings from Aug 2011 to Aug 2012.

Social Starts at 6:30pm
Bring a plate, mug, cutlery and your favourite dish.

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Pot Luck Supper and “Let’s Be Thankful” Slide Show

We saw an example of Erika’s photography when she last visited us. This time she is going to entertain and wow us with her presentation of photography put to music. What a great way to end our annual Pot Luck Supper. Sit back, travel the world, and be thankful!

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