Junior Club Report for 2012

1. There were 22 children registered in 2012 ranging in age from 4 to 13 years old (11 girls and 11 boys) and 19 attended the May activity day.
There were 8 new gardeners and 14 returning gardeners.

2. Children were divided into 4 groups. The 2 younger ones the Sprouts and the Seedlings were given a few seeds as well as pots and plants to care for while the 2 older groups the Buds and the Bloomers were encouraged to plant the vegetable and flower seeds in their own gardens.

3. We had a very poor growing season following a record hot and dry July and August with very little rain. Thus the number of entries was down.

4. The leaders visited 9 gardens at 4 locations. (4 girls and 5 boys).

5. At the August Show 8 girls and 5 boys brought 85 entries. Five awards and several money prizes totalling $100.25 were presented.


Taylor-Skuce Award Best Garden – Class C Rileigh Darling
Isabel Jones Trophy Most points in show – Class C Rileigh Darling
Edna Hopkins Award Best garden – Class D Trevor Kennedy
Wesley Wilson Award Most points in Show – Class D Maria McQuade
Rikki Brannigan Award Special Award Adam Otterwell
Best Beginning Gardener Money prize Joshua Otterwell
Class A – SPROUTS Best in Show (Novelty) Amber Gunn
Judge’s Choice (Sunflowers) Emily Lajeunesse
Class B – SEEDLINGS Best  in Show (See What I Grew) Cecelia Darling
Judge’s Choice (Novelty) Jocelyn Kennedy
Class C – BUDS Best in Show (Arrangement-Teapot) Larissa Marshall
Judge’s Choice (Novelty) Rileigh Darling
Class D -BLOOMERS Best in Show (Beets) Erik Darling
Judge’s Choice (Sunflower) Maria McQuade


6. There were 13 children in attendance at the October meeting for Fall Craft Activities Wrap up. This attendance is lower due to conflicts with the fall activities. We may try to have the final Event earlier in September.

7. Heather Grassie and Linda Jenkins would like to thank the following enthusiastic people who so generously shared their time and talent in their support of the Junior Garden club: Anne Luxton, Christa Marton, Kim Gunn, Mary Riseborough, and parents Nora Darling, Melanie Stainton, Jody Marshall, Bruce Gunn, Janice Kennedy, Sue Lajeunesse, Shannon Pogue, Kathy Smith and Linda Wannamaker.

8. This year 2012 marked the 66th year of the Junior Garden Club. This is the third year for the August Flower Show to be held on the regular Monday evening meeting of August and at the larger venue of the Curling Rink and things went very smoothly for the children, parents and leaders as they received their awards and money prizes.

Respectively submitted by

Linda Jenkins
Heather Grassie

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