Junior Club Report for 2016

There were 24 children registered in 2016 ranging in age from 3 to 13 years old (9 girls and 15 boys) and 23 attended the June activity day. There was 1 new gardener and 23 returning gardeners.

First Junior Event for 2016

The Junior Garden Club met on Sat. June 4th at Trinity United Church from 1:30-3:30 pm.

The children eagerly arrived with parents and grandparents in tow, carrying boxes to take home all their treasures. They were divided into the 4 groups: Sprouts-Seedlings-Buds-Bloomers.

Four activity stations at the first meeting were ready for the following hands on activities

How to plant and grow seeds-Beans, sunflower seeds, how to grow Microgreens for food-i.e.: Radish sprouts, how to make a Dish Garden- with plants hens and chicks, and ornaments, and how to plant a colourful pot/container with annuals.

After each task was accomplished the children put a sticker on matching pages in their individual passports.

There was a discussion about what it takes to grow a healthy garden and the children were very aware of all that is needed: sun, water, good soil etc. Each child was also given a Canna Lily Rhizome and a pot to plant it at home. Half way through two hour session the juniors had a snack of cookies and a drink.
A big thank you goes out to the following Senior Hort. members Diane Webber, Jen Routledge, and Gaynor McMullen who assisted at the stations. The very busy afternoon was enjoyed by all the children and adults.

Second Junior Event for 2016

Nine junior gardeners gathered at the Planter Box at the Foodland Store on Mon. June 27th at 6:00 pm with their parents/grandparents to plant the colourful annuals. Some fresh soil and mulch was added to the planter too.

Third Junior Event for 2016

This year many changes were put into place for the Annual Flower and Vegetable Show.  The venue to host the Flower Show was changed to the Omemee Legion on King St. The children who won prizes were recognized and awarded keeper medals for their achievements. However, the actual hardware pieces (awards and trophies) had been retired to storage in 2015.  Children also received money prizes in small envelopes along with their OHA Certificates.

To celebrate this 70 Anniversary Year, 1946-2006, a special children’s entertainer, Matthew Hutchinson, a local Certified Balloon Artist, was hired to make Balloons for all the juniors. Matthew was a member of the Junior Garden Club when he was a child.

Delicious Mini Cupcakes were made by two senior members were displayed on a decorated Cake Board in the shape of the numeral 70. They were enjoyed by both junior and senior members.

Although we all had a tough growing season overall for this gardening year, the children were successful with their vegetables and blooming flowers. 2016 was a summer of record brutal heat and extreme drought.

At the August Show, 16 junior exhibitors brought in 82 entries. Five medallions and several money prizes totaling $102.25 were presented.

Heather Grassie and Linda Jenkins would like to thank the enthusiastic Senior Garden Club members and parents who so generously shared their time and talent in their support of the Junior Garden Club with helping at the craft days and taking photographs.

Winners of the Awards and Medallions for 2016

Taylor-Skuce Award Most Entries – Class C Maddi Leal
Isabel Jones Trophy Most points in show – Class C Jace Byrne
Edna Hopkins Award Most Entries – Class D Rileigh Darling
Wesley Wilson Award Most points in Show – Class D Rileigh Darling
Rikki Brannigan Award Special Award Maddi Bunn
Class A – SPROUTS Best in Show

Judge’s Choice

Pazlie Flagler

Jude Byrne

Class B – SEEDLINGS Best in Show

Judge’s Choice

Kane Flagler

Alex Dass

Class C – BUDS Best in Show

Judge’s Choice

Jace Byrne

Carson Dass

Class D -BLOOMERS Best in Show

Judge’s Choice

Lena Dass

Malcolm Dass


Fourth Junior Event for 2016

Eleven junior gardeners arrived at Trinity Church Hall for the final event of 2016. They had a busy two hours of making crafts, transplanting some house plants and discovering the amazing world of seeds.

The youngest group made a Snowman out of a water bottle stuffed with cotton balls, while the older group stuffed a white sock with rice. Both groups then decorated their snowman creations.

African Violet leaves, spider plant babies and thyme herbs were planted.

At the Seed Centre there was a wide variety of seed pods to examine and to pull apart and search for the actual seeds. The popular snack table centre featured fresh fruit – pineapple, grapes and watermelon. There was also a fruit juice drink. The children left with a box of treasures at 3:30 pm.

Linda and Heather appreciated the hands on support from the following senior members: Brenda Latulippe, Christa Marton, Gaynor McMullen and Jen Routledge.

The Junior Garden Club will meet again in June of 2017.

Respectively submitted by Youth Leaders
Linda Jenkins & Heather Grassie

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