Junior Club Report for 2015

1. There were 24 children registered in 2015 ranging in age from 3 to 13 years old (9 girls and 15 boys) and 22 attended the May activity day. There were 14 new gardeners and 10 returning gardeners.

2. The children were divided into 4 groups. The 2 younger ones the Sprouts and the Seedlings were given a few seeds as well as pots and plants to care for while the 2 older groups the Buds and the Bloomers were encouraged to plant their vegetable and flower seeds in their own gardens. Everyone received money and some Buds and Bloomers received keeper trophies for their efforts.

3. We had a better growing season for this gardening year and the children were successful with their vegetables and blooming flowers.

4. The leaders visited 13 gardens at 7 locations. (5 girls and 8 boys). Some Junior Gardeners in the village of Omemee had difficulties with rabbits this year, as well as poor weather due to lack of heat and lots of rain. Holiday schedules also interrupted the care of the gardens.

5. At the August Show, 14 exhibitors 8 girls and 6 boys brought an increase in the entries. Five awards and several money prizes totalling $136.75 were presented.


Taylor-Skuce Award Most Entries – Class C Cecelia Darling
Isabel Jones Trophy Most points in show – Class C Maddie Leal
Edna Hopkins Award Most Entries – Class D Rileigh Darling
Wesley Wilson Award Most points in Show – Class D Rileigh Darling
Rikki Brannigan Award Special Award Aundreia Rushton
Best Beginning Gardener Money prize Maddie Leal
Class A – SPROUTS Best in Show (Novelty)

Judge’s Choice (Novelty)

Jude Byrne

Jude Byrne

Class B – SEEDLINGS Best in Show (Craft)

Judge’s Choice (Craft)

Jace Byrne

Jace Byrne

Class C – BUDS Best in Show (Potato Person)

Judge’s Choice (Flower Arrangement)

Judge’s Choice (Vegetable – Beets)

Maddie Leal

Avery DeGernary

Carson Dass

Class D -BLOOMERS Best in Show (Flower Pie)

Judge’s Choice (Calendula – Flower)

Rileigh Darling

Rileigh Darling


6. There were 8 children in attendance at the October meeting for Fall Craft Activities Wrap up. This was a very poor attendance and the time of the meeting was from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. It was unfortunate, that some of the children had conflict with this date and two families had moved away. We had prepared for about 16 juniors to be present.

7. Heather Grassie and Linda Jenkins would like to thank the enthusiastic Senior Hort. members and parents who so generously shared their time and talent in their support of the Junior Garden Club with helping at the craft days and taking photographs.

8. This year 2014 marked the 68th year of the Junior Garden Club and the fifth year for the August Flower Show to be held on the regular Monday evening meeting of August and at the larger venue of the Curling Rink and things went very smoothly for the children, parents and leaders as they received their awards and money prizes.

Respectively submitted by Youth Leaders

Linda Jenkins
Heather Grassie

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