Meeting: Tips for Taking Photos in the Garden

Please join us for our first. Omemee Blooms Horticultural Society Meeting for 2023!

Doors will be open at the Omemee Legion at 7 pm on February 20 for our half-hour Social Time. As it’s our first Meeting of the year, the Omemee Swans will be serving some snacks during Social Time.

Masks are optional, chairs will be spread apart, and sanitizer will be available. 

Our General Meeting starts at 7:30 pm.

We are delighted to have Linda Cardona, photographer extraordinaire, present Tips for Taking Photos in the Garden. Linda will discuss how you can get the best possible floral pictures without fancy equipment. She will be sharing many of her flower photographs; some of which are taken in her garden.  Bring your camera along for any questions you might have. 

We will also visit Linda and her husband’s beautiful gardens in July. These gardens have been on Garden Tours in Peterborough. 

Linda Cardona is a Peterborough photographer who captures nature’s beauty in all four seasons.  

Linda has loved photography for as long as she can remember and was inspired at a young age by her grandmother who was passionate about photography. She inherited her grandmother’s camera and so learned photography on a manual film camera. It was a great initial exposure to understanding the technical side of photography.   

She has taken courses in both photography and Photoshop at Fleming College.  Photo Shop allows her to take her photography to the next artistic level.  

Developing a “photographer’s eye” is an ongoing experience and Linda is always looking for the best angle to get that shot. She is constantly analyzing light, colours, shapes and shadows and reflections  

Peterborough provides Linda with countless opportunities to photograph nature’s beauty, especially flowers. Landscapes, portraits and architecture are also favourite topics. She feels equally comfortable working in colour or black and white. Linda is pleased to share her work through both group and solo exhibits.  

Linda has created a multitude of effects with her photography, from the pure traditional look to the extreme avant-garde. She has learned to observe the light as it completely changes the colours, textures, shadows and details of the images. Linda says “It becomes essential to take the time to study and capture all possible angles in order to get interesting and unique perspectives. It is often surprising to see which shots are the best”.   


Instagram: LindaCardonaPhotography     

 Facebook: LindaCardonaPhotography

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