March Meeting: Kawartha Lakes Honey

Please Join Us Monday, March 20th. at 7 pm at the Omemee Legion as we celebrate our 84th. Anniversary Celebration with cake and coffee.

Our General Meeting will start at 7:30 pm.

We are delighted to have Jerry Jerrard who is frequently referred to as ‘The Bee Guy” and owner/operator of Kawartha Lakes Honey join us. 

Jerry has been a beekeeper in the Bobcaygeon area for more than 25 years.  He started out as a hobbyist with 5 hives and now manages 1,000 hives located in more than 30 locations throughout the Kawartha Lakes area. He is very passionate about nature, sustainability and the pollinators he nurtures. He devotes his time to producing pure honey, nucleus colonies, queen bees and pure beeswax products (candles, lip balms, wood finish, etc.).   


465 Colony Rd., Bobcaygeon, ON, K0M 1A0
P: 705-738-5374

Different floral sources produce distinct colours and flavours of honey – from the mild, delicately flavoured basswood honey to the dark, strong-flavoured buckwheat honey. Jerry has these and several other varieties available.  He makes every effort to keep the different honeys separate as many customers have come to appreciate the various types.  Our honey is 100% pure and unpasteurized. Extracting practices are kept as pure and simple as possible (no high heat or micro filters).  This ensures high-quality honey with amazing flavour and nutrients. 

Jerry is a member of the Central Ontario Beekeepers’ Association (and past president).  His beekeeping operation is frequently featured on local television programs and in print publications.  As well, Jerry acts as a mentor to new beekeepers.   

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